Monday, March 29, 2010

Failboat is Now Boarding..

Okay, so, wow. I have completely fallen off the face of the earth with this little bloggy-thing. Well, resolutions are made to be broken. Ouch, that sounds really negative, doesn't it? I honestly don't mean to always be like that. I've been drawing recently, inspired by a character I created for a game I play, "Rogue Trader". (It's a War-hammer 40k based TTRPG. Oh lord, my dork-roots are showing.) She has a pretty interesting background that I've come up with and I'm thinking of adapting it to create another character for the book I'm writing (and have neglected as of late.)

That's the drawing of her, via my Photobucket account. I named her Talia, one of my all-time favorite names that I stumbled upon when I was a kid.

Drawing felt good. I mean like, really good. It's nice to know that you haven't lost certain skill sets, you know? Especially with my memory being the way it is and my negative outlook on life, lol.

I've been trying to catch up on my movies, completely been neglecting those too, instead opting for the easier to manage "tv episodes on dvd". It's so much easier to find time to watch 30 minutes or an hour of something than to find 2+. Somehow, in an ironic twist, I end up watching the whole bloody dvd, which ends up adding to a total of 3 hours and I curse my irresponsibility.

Trying to count calories before my weight gets out of control. Working at a job that promotes sitting on your ass and watching stuff is hard on the butt. With school and multiple jobs, I'm finding it hard to squeeze in time to visit the dojo. My new "Wii Fit Plus!" (THAT btw always has to be said in an upbeat voice. Never a down-tone. Oh! And I hate the voice of the little wii balance board in the game. When you "Step On!" it makes a little noise which ALWAYS sounds to my ears like an "...Oh..." in that tone when someone asks you how your day is going and you answer "like shit, my ____ just died", and you feel like a jackass for having just said that question in a voice that reeks of sunshine and lollipops.) game has a "calorie counting" option, which keeps track of how many you burnt. I know it's suppose to be helpful, but somehow the idea that I just spent 50 minutes jogging in place and rocking my hips around like a moron with an invisible hulu-hoop or on an invisible skate board and reaped the full-filling reward of 250 calories burnt, or roughly 1 bottle of Dr. Pepper (20 oz, of course), is more soul-crushing than uplifting.

Meh.. maybe it was meant to inspire suicide instead...




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