Sunday, February 7, 2010

An Odd Request

So as some might have guessed I work for a movie company that either shall not be named, or I named before and I just feel like being covert about now. ( :P ) Anyways, back on topic, one day the gates of hell broke loose and unleashed a horror of an idea from the deepest bowels of one of my customers. He suggested I make a review blog about various movies because, as he put it, "I always give such great info about them, and call it exactly like it is." Translation: when something is crap, I call it crap.

Selfish me, though, I don't want to give up this little blog I have going. I guess I am finding it a little therapeutic. If only I could write every little thing I think. Unfortunately, I still can't release all my hatches into the anonymity of the internet.

So, I've decided that if I am going to pursue this little side-venture, that I will start a new blog just for the purpose. (Ugh, look at me. Here I am, the girl who said she would never blog, working on making two blogs.) I'm going to link the two together so people can get to know the private me and the public me. I doubt anyone is going to read the reviews one, but what the heck. Why not make it. I like rambling.. and what is more reactive than a response to visual stimuli.

Meh... could be fun.




You can find my new blog posted here. Hope you enjoy it.


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