Tuesday, February 2, 2010

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So my life is uninteresting. This is the flat-out truthful reason why I have not written crap in this blog over the last 2-ish weeks. Every time I faced this thing I stared at a blank page with a blank mind. I had nothing to input into the vast depths of cyber space. SO, I'm going to give a 2 week recap instead :D (Please hold your applause until the very end.)

First off, I read/finished Moby Dick. This is my mothers favorite book and at the tender age of 7, I crushed all her dreams by repeatedly falling asleep while attempting to navigate through this behemoth of a novel. Forever branded by the memory of this tedious tome, I avoided it for the next 17 years of my life until now. I also watched the movie (at her request), which was, in my humble opinion, 2000000000000 times better than the book. Wait, no. Add a zero onto that. No, wait, two. I never was very good at math.

To give you a rough idea of why the movie was so exponentially better than the book, let me say this. In the first 3 minutes of the movie, they cover roughly 350 pages. I'm not even exaggerating. This book became my white whale. I was determined to conquer this beast of dull discursive verbosity no matter the cost to my sanity. Just call me Ahab.

Watching someone read Hermann Melville's "classic literature piece" is like watching a Frenchman. You've never seen someone surrender so fast.

Beyond felling my bitter rival, I also joined a website called swagbucks.com. I'm sure tons of people have heard of it, but seeing that I still don't own a shiny Facebook page, I think you'll forgive my ignorance when it comes to this corner of the Interwebz. I spent a good chunk of last week earning free amazon monies, which I have now spent faster than the  French can throw their hands up. (Man, I am just hating on the French today, lol.) With that money and the earned ones from various survey websites (all of which have cost nothing but time), I have earned roughly 60 dollars in Amazon.com e-gift cards, 100 bucks in Gamestop giftcards, and 15
clams in Borders e-currency. Not a bad little profit.

In a small side note, check out this dude's blog if you like horror stuff, and manga:


He has been posting up brand-spanking new Junji Ito stuff, which is my favorite Manga-ka. (A Manga Author/Artist) Oh, so much I want and yet can't have because I don't live in Japan. Maybe I should ask my cousins overseas to send me some stuff.. But I can't read enough Japanese to understand it T_T. Woe is me. Meh... I'll live I guess.



Honorary Mention goes to Fuan no Tane, a horror manga I recently stumbled apon by being nosy and clicking on people's links in the comments on Daniel-Lau's blog. Subscribed to my first blog, also. (No, it wasn't Daniel's... I couldn't find the button v_v;.. shut-up. I think I fucked up subscribing also, I had to redo it like 4 times, or something, in order to just get it to work under the right name, lol. Dude's gonna think I'm some creepy obsessive stalker like chick XD. Lawlz-u-scared.) 

Earn Giftcards online just by switching search engine! Try this one powered by google and ask.com, I've already earned $20 worth of e-giftcards for Amazon over a week without spending a cent.
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