Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Ancestors coulda been Hippies

So something dawned on me in Anthropology again, as seems to be par for my case. We were talking about the Phantrogolites and the Phanparascus aka Trogs and Bonobos. Trogs are the commonly known chimpanzees that we love and adore and use in everyday tests to compare ourselves to our distant cousins. The interesting thing is that the Trogs are male dominated, violent and agressive, and solve conflicts by using their fists and objects. On the other hand, the Bonobos are female dominated, much more calm and almost hippy like, and solve conflicts by making love. Allow me to explain. If one Trog had 2 bananas and another Trog wanted one or both, they would fight it out, who ever wins gets their way. If a Bonobo had 2 bananas and another Bonobo wanted one or both, the second Bonobo would carress the the first one, pretty much just seduce it and show it a good time in hopes of coaxing it into sharing or giving it those bananas. Bonobos not only have normal genital to genital sex, but also oral, and manual sex. In fact, most everything concerning them is solved using sex. Make love not war, I guess. The reason they evolved so drastically different is because the Bonobos strived in an area where food was abundant and where cooperation paid off. The Trogs, however, had to struggle for every meal, and aggression served them well.

Our teacher being the man he is posed the question: "Why do we use the Trogs as our examples and not the Bonobos?"

My answer? Greed is an inheritately human trait. We cannot ever view the world through the Bonobo's eyes because even if everything is in abundance, there will always be greed, wanting more then we ever need. Violence and aggression are side-effects of such greed, traits commonly shown in the Trogs.

Meh.. Makes sense to me..


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