Thursday, January 15, 2009

Donner Party of 3, Donner Party of 2..

Why is it that guys are the way they are. Hear me out. I know that girls are the queens of saying one thing and meaning another, but guys don't even give you that much to interpret. I have to weed though all this ninja-like poking and proding just to try and figure out what their alterior motive is. That was one thing I really liked about Conrad. He was pretty straight forward when it came to his thoughts. It was kinda refreshing. Guys are far too worried about their appearance, whether they look weak, whether they look macho, whether they look desirous or whatever other option you wanna list here. Girls, on the other hand, are selfish. Think of any sentence, and find a way to make it all about you and in an insulting way, you'll have the reason why guys never know how they offended girls. Take any situation, and twist it so you can benefit from it in some way, you'll have why girls do the things they do. Guys are simple creatures in comparison, but sometimes, it's exhausting weeding through the bullshit. If you want to know if a girl is interested, flat out fucking ask her. You'll find out pretty damn fast. If she laughs in your face, guess what, she was a fucking cunt anyways, and you wouldn't want to be with her. She'd dump you for the next hot thing with a paycheck that came her way. Otherwise, they'll either be really nice about it, or they'll bite. So stop poking around, finding out what their plans are, but not asking to fill in a slot in their schedule until they take the step first.. some girls don't ever fucking take that step. Then guess what, you may have lost out on a great fucking girl.

P.S. For creatures so preoccupied with their balls, you'd think you guys would grow a pair.

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