Saturday, September 6, 2008


I watched Speed Racer today on DVD (working for the man has it's perks.. especially when the man peddles entertainment to the masses). I almost had an orgasm from the overload of colors. Dear lord, I think my eyes would probably bleed if I saw that on blueray on an HD tv.

The entire movie was like watching an anime mixed with F-Zero mixed with every color in the spectrum and like... crack. There was definately crack in there. Or maybe 'shrooms. (Crack is whack, Crack is cheap. I make too much money to do crack.-Whitney Houston)

I must own it. Nyow.


Like, the movie as a whole wasn't especially awesome, but the colors and the effects they used were just like, wow-za. I don't know if I'll even watch it again once I own it.. But I must own the color spectrum. I'll feel like less of a woman if I don't. Like somehow I did Speed Racer and the Matrix Brothers a great injustice by not acknowledging their skill of capturing every happy shiny color that could ever be thought up.

Meh.. I think it's 20 bucks well spent..


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Anonymous said...

Your the only other person I know who liked that movie on any level. I thought it was a fun and colorful movie and I liked how awesome the races looked, it was like a more badass live version of mario kart or something. I like the artistic direction too inspite of how weird or corny it was on some scenes. Anywho I got it with the 4 for 20's, Im not complaining.