Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nothing, Nothing Tra La La?

I haven't the faintest idea what to blog about. I am really quite horrid at this whole repetative diary bullshit. Perhaps I can just hire someone to live my life for me and then write about it. I can always edit it later to add in witty commentary, a few dry jokes, and a couple of curse words. Maybe a horror movie reference or 2.

And for some god-forsaken reason the blog won't open and be edited on my Mozilla browser, and it fucks up royally on Internet Exploiter. I really don't know why they even bother to make IE anymore, it's such a craptacular program that it makes me want to learn to program just to make something that looks exactly like it BUT WORKS, and then make it freeware. Just to irk Microsoft, mostly because if I make no profit then there's not exactly any company to buy out now is there?

Heheheh, I bet they hate it when they find something they can't buy, bribe, or burn to the ground with their lawyers and their red tape.

Meh... bloggy enough..


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Anonymous said...

U gotta have something u want that we have. There's always something