Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kira Desu.

So I finished Death Note today. I've been completely addicted, reading volume after volume back to back. Just knocked it all out, bam bam bam.

I'm pissed.

The ending was just so... undignified.

That's all I'll say so as to not ruin it for anyone else, but I really must admit, I expected something.. else. I'm not sure what.. But something.

I saw an alternate ending on youtube (I highly suggest you look it up if you can) that I think I very much prefered.

Had the right taste of justice to it at the same time letting me keep my little fan-girl thoughts. I really did think at some point that one of the characters who I had thought was gone was going to reappear.

Death Note really fed my dark-side, I have to say. Someone said to me recently that they thought I'd be capable of harming an innocent person, to which I very much said No. I still stand by that statement, but I think that I am capable of harming another person if I seem them as villianous. Villianous.. is that even a word? It is now. I can think of no other way of describing the way I'd have to view them. And I wonder if my view of villany and non might be hazed or blurred. If you hurt someone who's hurting others.. aren't you just as bad as them? Or is it righteous?

I suppose that's a judgement call everyone should make at some point in their life. I wonder if this brainstorm is mine or if this is something that will arrise in a much more earnest view.

Would I use the Death Note to create my idea of Utopian world?

Maybe. I just don't know. Who would I be to judge who is wicked and who is just? Who am I to point the finger and the blame at another. Isn't there a saying of the likes that goes something like "He who shall judge should be prepared for the same".. perhaps not. There should be if there isn't. Somehow that crap about letting he who is without sin cast the first stone lacks the pizzazz this day and age needs.

We need something more powerful for the high-power world of today. Something like
"Judge him if you must with your scythe of righteousness and zeal, but arc so as to cut yourself down as well, for as you do you share his sin and guilt as though it was your own."

Meh.. Too long winded..


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Anonymous said...

Does kicking puppies make me a bad person who deserves bad karma ? I dont think so.