Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Day of Nothing and Yet Everything

So today was amusing. I woke up, talked to mum for a bit, showered and went to spend the whole day with my friends. I met up with James and Eve around 1pm or so (we were suppose to have met earlier but "we'll be there in 30 minutes" apparently loosely translates into real time of 2 hours later.) We decided to spend the day at the movies. I was suppose to hang out with a guy I met before, Marcus, he seemed to be a real cool kat, but he didn't answer and no-showed day of, oh wellz.. As well as with my friend Eric who was coming from out of town. We decided to go see movies before Eric hit town but we're notorious concession stand-ers, and we're all just broke enough to be able to get tickets, but not concessions really, so we stopped by Walmart on the way, bought a few bottled drinks, some M&Ms, and those long tube-bags of popcorn that are like a dollar. Everything but the popcorn fit in Eve's purse (I swear this thing could hide a small baby), and I'm tall and intimidating and said I'd have no problem walking the popcorn right through the door of the movies, they wouldn't dare stop me.

So we decided to grab some dollar burgers from McDonalds (1 burger each, nothing too much since we had snacks) and they asked "What name should we call?" To which Eve said "Oh just call James" and I said "No no, call Pookie." "Pookie?" "Yes. Call for Pookie." "...." needless to say they opted for James, stupid spoil sports.

So we parked and were eating our burgers before we went inside, and I realized I forgot to get no pickles, so I pulled them off my burger and tossed them out the window thinking "Oh the birds will eat them" and not really noticing the truck parked right next to us. They hit the truck, and stuck. So I'm sitting there like O_O!!! at these 2 out of 3 pickles stuck on this random guys truck, and in a panic we start up the car and move it. lol.

We walk into the movie theatre (me carrying the big tube of popcorn) and I realize the popcorn we bought has no butter on it. I shrug and blatantly walk up to the concession stand people and put butter on our tube-corn. lol. They gave us odd looks to say the least, we then proceeded to watch our movie. It was horrible, and we decided to sneak into a second movie to feel justified (their idea, not mine) and we decide to go see Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D.. well 3d requires 3D glasses, and I'm the only person with balls in our little group. I walk up to guest services and request 3 pairs of glasses to the movie we did not pay for. They oblidge and we watch our show, lol.

Afterwards we pick up our friend Vince, and go to meet Eric. Vince is under 21, so he can't get into bars or anything like that generally, and of course, Eric being the lovely drunkard he can be, is in a bar. We show up, and Vince is carded at the door, and turned away, so we hop in, say Hi, and say we are going to hang out across the street since Vince can't come in, expecting Eric to be normal and come with us since it is -across the street-. He doesn't. He stays there, which is fine by me since I don't like drinking, and his step-brother is there who has been trying to get into my pants since I was 15.

We walk across the street and enter this little joint called "The Cellar" to find that we have inadvertantly crashed a Death Metal Birthday party, or barmitzvah or something lol. We stand around awkwardly as the band plays (they'd be great if they got rid of the tone-deaf singer) then wave to random people and retreat out into the night. (the waves are to make people think maybe we didn't crash, especially since James got 2 drinks from the bar and the bartender was like "Don't worry about it" refusing to take his cash since he thought we were part of the family.)

We hop back across the street, tell Eric we're bored and he's not apparently joining us, and leave. (Erics girlfriend giving me a look the entire time like I had just made out with him and his brother ontop of her lap o_O). We hop in the car and decide to head to House of Pies. Oh btw, I lost at Gay Chicken with Eve so she didn't let me live it down all night. (Gay chicken is when two people of the same sex start moving closer and closer together in a kiss until one of them backs off, I backed off.)

In the H.O.Pies we are joking and laughing and just having a good old time, and the entire time these two teenage girls are giving us the stink eye. We have no clue why, and I was making jokes with the group that we should all blow a kiss to them, or just pick up our drinks and food and move over to their table when I get a great idea. I ask our waitress to send a chocolate milk over to them "from the table over there". Needless to say they were very confused and we were very amused...

Meh.. I LOL'ed..


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