Friday, August 29, 2008

Stalking is the most fun a guy can have..

So, I'm being stalked. Not stalked stalked, just a very odd chain of coincidences involving this one guy. Everywhere I go, I seem to be right next to this one guy. When I go to college, he turns up there, when I come home, he's on the same street, and yesterday, on my way to my job interview, he was right there again.

His name is Darien (one of my all-time favorite guy names), he's black and originally from Germany, he came here when he was 7, he works at Target, goes to my college, lives near my apartment complex, and seems to have the exact same schedule and thoughts that I do.

We shop at the same times, have classes at the same times, even pick movies for rentals at the same time. It's a bit scary.

So yesterday I just flat out said "Yep, Now I'm convinced you're stalking me." to which he replied "I do that." It even sounded like a me-response. He asked me where I was going, which I told him, he offered where he was going and let me know a little bit about him, and so I offered a little bit about myself as well. I shook his hand and introduced myself since it seemed the right thing to do, and we talked a bit on our way.

Meh.. Bizzaro..


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