Friday, August 22, 2008

McDonalds, Party of None...

I was thinking about my McDonalds post yesterday, I decided that America and possibly the rest of the world could better solve our obesity issues if we razed every fastfood joint to the ground (though part of me wants to say "Except Taco Bell! I luvs Taco Bell!") and replaced them all with drive-thru grocery stores.

Think about it. I accept the fact that at least Americans are lazy bastards as a whole. We don't take the time to cook, or do pretty much anything that we probably -should- do, instead opting for the fastest, easiest, and most efficient if not necessarily cost effective way to take care of basic needs. Shower instead of bathe, fast food instead of a dinner that takes an hour or more to cook, drive instead of walk, etc. So getting rid of fastfood joints all together is an improbability. Even if I was to personally find a way to wipe out every place on the map, there would just be more popping up because we are addicted not to junk food, but convenience.

In order to effectively remove them from the face of the planet, something equally useful, but more healthy would have to pop up. Hence, drive-thru grocery stores. You drive up, place an order for fresh fruits and veggies, sandwiches, salads, breads and cheeses, teas, grilled salmon, if it's healthy, they provide it, quick and easy. So instead of shoveling that quarter pounder with cheese, a Dr. Pepper (Nectar of the Gods, I tell you, and my personal major vice), and fries that not only have enough salt to choke a horse, but sugar on them as well to counter out the salty flavor so they can add more salt... You can get a baguette, fresh cheese, some grapes, some pate, and fresh green tea, all to go. Want some sushi? You got it. Mom's meatloaf? One slice or two, sir? And just imagine the load it would take off working mothers. No time to go for a full grocery trip? Why not stop by a fast food joint on the way? Pick up the bare basics without having to leave the convenience of your car.

Now, clearly, these places can't stock up on everything, if only because of the sheer size of the space needed as well as the time it would take to fulfill orders, but then again, not every peddler-of-heartattacks-and-love-handles is a McDonalds now is it? Different stores could specialize in different items. I can't believe in this age of ease, no one has thought of this yet.

"McDonalds -1 Million pounds served" needs to be replaced with "Old MacDonald had a Drive-Thru, Order, Pay and Go."

Meh.. Maybe someday..


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