Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Blog About Hating Blogs

I have said in the past that I would never, I repeat, never post a blog or a myspace or anything of the sort in my life time. It seems I was wrong. It seems I was so very wrong that it became mandated of me to write this. Good for the soul or some crap, help me work out my inner demons, or hatred, or telletubbies, I don't know, I kind of tuned out at this point.

The unfortunate twist on this is that my life is so completely, unbelievably boring that I can't think anyone would want to read this, nor know my inner workings. But then again, this could be that lovely "Chronic Low Self-Esteem" talking. Who knows.

What exactly is the difference between a blog and a diary anyways? Except that a diary is meant to be kept under your bed until either your Mom finds it and has a "talk" with you about something you wrote, or your little brother finds it and tells the guy you wrote in little hearts all over the page so very gayly that you wrote his name in little hearts all over your pages very gayly... and a blog is for some idiot to leave a "LOLZ J00 SUX0R T3H C4K3 I5 4 LI3!" in the comment section making you feel pissed at internet anonymity -and- stupid for having wasted your time on writing this crap no one reads but you, the three friends you force to read it, and some sad 80 year old man living vicariously through you from Indiana. And of course the one n00b who commented.

Meh, I'll think of something to write about tomorrow.

So long and thanks for all the fish... (slatfatf)

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