Monday, August 25, 2008


So today was my first day of classes in the new semester. It's a light day, only one class that is like 2 hours long, Japanese. I was excited and nervous but beyond that I was also late. I know, brilliant me. For some reason a trip that usually only takes 1-2 hours took like 3 to accomplish, and I was an hour late. So I'm standing at the door to class pacing, deciding if I want to open it and go in or not or try again on Wednesday, so I ask the two girls sitting near the door their opinion. They responded, in unison, "Go Inside." I took the surround-sound guidance as most likely sound advice (hehe puns) and hesitantly opened the door.

I have never been one to be nervous, or shy, except in matters of love/the heart, but for some reason I opened that door and I felt 2 inches tall. Everyone stared at me and the teacher immediately turned to me, class stopped to look at me. It was a great feeling. And by great feeling I mean I wished I'd had a pistol right then to end my life. The teacher talks to me standing awkwardly there then asks if I have any friends in the class. I glance around half-assedly, more for the show of "maybe she knows people" then actually looking since I know for damn well I know no one at my college, and meekly shake my head no. Some smart-ass douche-dude (ooh I like that word) says "I'll be your friend" in that typical -nudge nudge- sort of voice, class laughs, and now I'm an inch and a half tall. So I find a seat and the teacher chunks me off on Mr. GQ High-fashion-designer-everything-on-him-his-lunch-bag-is-
probably-Gucci who has the personality of a wet-mop and seems extremely annoyed I got pushed off on him as his responsiblity to catch me up.

So the teacher starts going over the numbers and makes everyone say 1-10 in Japanese at their desk, going to the next student when they finish, y'know, to make sure they are pronouncing it right. He gets to me and he likes my pronunciation so much that he makes me say the numbers 1- TEN THOUSAND. Now not literally 1-10,000, but 1-20, then 30, 40, 50, etc until 100, then 200, 300, etc to 1k, then 2k, 3k, etc to 10,000, but as if my experience wasn't traumatizing enough he makes me stand infront of the whole class to do it.

He also taught us how to stand, bow to your sensei, and sit on command. Then just to make sure we got it right, we did it 10 more times.

He also made us all pick japanese names (because he can't be bothered to learn the English ones I guess) but I missed that part, so at the end of class he makes everyone stand up and say:
"Hajimeshite, Watashi no Nihongo no namea wa _______ desu. Watashi no Eego no namea wa _____ desu. Watashi wa ni juu yon sei desu. Watashi no geikosei de Houston no University." Meaning "Greetings, My Japanese name is ____. My English name is _____. I am ___ years old. I am a ____ year student here at University of Houston."

... Every student.

.. There are like 40 of us...

Class ended at 12:00pm...

We didn't get out until like 1:00pm.

.. And I had to make a Japanese name on the spot. v_v;

.. and I stuttered like 20 times and had to stop, take a breath, and start over twice.



EDIT: Hajimemashite is the right spelling x_x;.. I'm such a n00b sometimes.

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