Sunday, January 10, 2010

Amish Way of Life; Chapter 2

My power went out. Again. For some reason, sneezing in this house seems to blow the fuse box. I don't mean that literally, I just mean that the littlest of things can destroy the fragile ecology that is my power grid. After suffering through Thursday, and calling into work on Friday, for more voluntary suffrage, I opted to stay with my mother. I love her dearly, but I seem to drive her batty when I'm around. Sometime between my taking over her couch and my dog crapping on her patio my welcome was worn out, luckily, right as the power was fixed. I packed my shit, stole some food from her fridge with a thank you, and went home. When I got home, I was surprised by how unwelcoming it looked to me. I dropped my stuff off in my room, looked around, cleaned up some, and turned on my main heater, which promptly started killing me with all my sinuses.

As I was digging through my blankets for my lost sock (I swear there is a sock-only-magnet connected to my bed that perpetually robs me of one, single sock. Just one. I'm not sure why the magnet doesn't want the other sock, perhaps it only has power for the one. Perhaps that one is all it needs for world domination. Only the magnet truly knows. And perhaps The Shadow.), I started wondering if visiting your parent(s) makes your home life seem crappier somehow in comparison. It's a nice feeling to have someone doting on you. It's kind of like romance. I've never really been woo-ed. I tend to do the spontaneous things for others, I've only ever been surprised on Valentines Day twice in my whole life. Once was back in high school when my boyfriend and his b.f.f. decided to try and outdo each other, which while it was nice, I always kind of knew it was more about them competing than me really. The other was a surprise gift from a friend last year. Beyond that, no boyfriend or "secret admirer" has ever swept me off my feet with some romantic gesture. No candle light dinners, no surprise present. Wait, I lie a little. Lee did send me a dozen roses in the mail the day before Valentines Day, but I think the reason I didn't think about it was because he had a girlfriend at the time and was cheating on her with me (unbeknownst to either of us). I kinda guessed he was gonna since he did a shitty job covering up asking for my address. Maybe that devalued it some too. I think the grandness of the gesture probably doesn't matter as much as the surprise or the effort.

Someone close to me said recently, "Seems like you just like to be surprised". Maybe that was more accurate that I realized until just now. Whether it's the ending to a movie, or a romantic gesture, perhaps it's the journey and not the destination that matters more to me.

Meh.. maybe I'm over thinking it, as always.


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There's a lie in here somewhere