Monday, January 11, 2010

Double You Tea Elephant...

When, roughly, did A.I.D.S. and H.I.V. go out of style. When did they no longer become the "cool kids on the block", to be thrown aside for the latest hipster to hit the scene; cancer. I was watching an advertisement on my hulu t.v. show (Dead Like Me - Season 2, which always, without fail, seems to advertise some sort of tragedy that is killing ____ people every day. Fitting, no?) when an ad popped up begging for money for children on the other side of the globe that have no food or medicine or societal payment means of any sort. (This was of course the same time I noticed that like Kalawalakumpo... I don't think that's right... anyways, this was at the same time that I noticed this poor, indigent, desolate young man was wearing a FUCKING SPIDER-MAN BUTTON UP JERSEY STYLE OVER SHIRT. Those go for frickin' 60 bucks here in the states! I'll tell you what kalawala... I'll tell you what Kal, I'll trade you 10 bologna sandwiches for your frickin' spidey shirt!)

It was at this time that I realized how long it had been since I'd seen any kind of advertising or mention of the A.I.D.S. epidemic (now known more as the A.I.D.S. inconvenience). Why did this suddenly fall to the wayside of socially conscious importance?

Why does one disease, pandemic, or affliction get greater presidency over equally deadly one just because it's newer and has that new-grim-reaper-smell to it still?

I had to stop my show and go get a drink, and had to open my freezer to retrieve ice for aforementioned drink. My freezer, for some reason, despite all the cleaning outs/baking soda/ice dumps/etc has the funkiest smell about it. And I don't mean it likes large gold jewelry and Afros. I walked out of the kitchen with my fresh(ish) drink, and turning to my roomie asked why he thought our freezer was so funkadelic. (How funky is your chicken?) After what shall be interpreted into roomiese into, "Iunno", I came up with the theory that perhaps it is the lingering odor of the dead remains of a previous tenant who was brutally butchered and stored in our freezer. This would explain why it is so hard to get anyone to come repair anything in this apartment... They are all scared of the ghosts that may seek vengeance still clinging to the location of their horrific and violent murder/hibachi neighborhood b.b.q. I then theorized we should start seeing if the power-outages happen at the same time every month, perhaps it is the built up spiritual energy of this punitive poltergeist. Or should I call it my poultrygeist?

Meh... or it could be us using up too much power...



Son of bitch... it turns out his name is Noah.. Kal is from a different commercial!

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