Thursday, January 7, 2010

For Insomnia, Press 103...

I miss the inside of my eyelids. I slept with them once and they never called me back. Must have lost respect for me or something. Now I can't seem to get good old Morpheus to even give me a second glance. (Woo! Almost wrote Mephistopheles! Talk about a slip-up! Devil: "I don't understand! I take their souls and then I never hear from them again! I mean, I'm funny, right? Am I too fat? What's wrong with me... It's my wings, isn't it? They make my butt look big, don't they?!")

I use to be completely pro-insomnia. I use to feel like a genius come 3 a.m. because by then, all my creative juices were flowing. I would come up with some of the best ideas for my writings-in-progress or for drawings... But now my insomnia seems to have no purpose other than playing Halo 3 until the sun comes up, disturbing my dog (who is, pardon the pun, getting bitchy...), and making me sleep until the sun is close to going down again. Maybe I should just give it up, commit to being a vampire, and start sucking blood. (Sorry, I can't go to Subway with you, I'm on an all liquid diet...)

People keep telling me to take this pill or that pill, but I can't help but think that drugging myself into unconsciousness isn't the right idea. Hell, it doesn't even seem like a good suggestion much less the solution! This whole insomnia thing wouldn't be such a pain in the ass if I could just find a hobby... (see Monday, January.. uh... not.. nows... post.)

Meh... Maybe I'll become a vampire slayer. (Blade, eat your heart out.)



For the record, this is my Wednesday post. I just didn't get it in before most of civilization thought the day had switched over. (It's still Wednesday until I fucking go to sleep, damnit!)

"Nothing cures Insomnia like the realization you have to get up"

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