Saturday, August 23, 2008

Suggestion Box 1

The world would be a better place if people would just take turns winning arguments. You know, this time I win, next time you win. I was thinking about the various things that could be mandated that would probably improve our general way of life. Almost the opposite of Anarchy, I suppose.

For example, make people take a permit in order to have a child. Do you know how nice it would be to have a welfare system that actually works and that isn't abused by any woman who's willing to put up with the 9 months of inconvenience and 2 hours of pain just to get free moneyz from the government?

Or if people were required to learn a second language. Most of the world knows two languages according to a recent study. Something like 73 percent of the world is at least bi-lingual, in comparison to Americans where only 14 percent is. Don't quote me on those stats, but they were definitely wonky like that.

We should have an exchange student project also, where people get to live for a few months in another person's shoes.. send the Beverly Hills kids to live in the Bronx, send the Bronx kids to live on a farm in North Dakota, send the farm kids to live in the Barrios, send the Barrios people to live in a single parent, only child household with little to no family ties.. Just make everyone experience other cultures first hand within our own communities. Perhaps we would all hate each other a little less.

I think we should also give more citizen arrest powers to the people, it would definitely lighten the load on the law enforcement, plus it would be a hell of a lot easier to find corruption within the ranks. If 5 people with reputable backgrounds report an officer, I think he should go on immediate probation and suspension pending an investigation. Simple things like that which can make a big difference.

Meh.. Worth some thought..


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Conrad said...

Worth some thought indeed. I like the exchange system, it would be a great way for people to experience other cultures and ways of life. Being able to speak two different languages is handy, but then again three would be cooler, more so with 4. Where do you draw a line on that? hmm.